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Zoe beauty Empire is an American based company with the goal of amplifying beauty through the provision of outstanding, qualitative and affordable beauty products. ZBE was founded by Obase Claudia obase Tekeh in the year 2022. Over the years, Zoe Beauty Empire has grown to become a leading expert recognized for enhancing the beauty needs of individuals around the globe with major focus on building confidence whilst meeting the needs of our customers basic daily personal care routines..

Features of Our Products


Our vision is to open 2000 stores around the globe before 2030. So that rom anyplace on the planet, you are guaranteed to enjoy a good shopping experience, amplifying your confidence and personal  body care without stress.

Season Sale

There's no better way to get you and yours ready for the holiday seasons other than clinging to any of our pre order seasonal promo through out the year 2023!

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Worried about extra charges and taxes?... lets take the trouble off your back. Make multiple orders to get free shipping deals form different parts of our sales reach.

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Over here at Zoe Beauty Empire, INTEGRITY is our watch word and the hallmark of our dealings. Be rest assured of a seamless transaction journey when you deal with us!

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